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Welcome To FlameStudios

16th February 2021

Updated site to a mobile friendly design!

It's been a long time but I have updated the site design to be more user friendly on mobile devices.

4th February 2012

FlameStudios Back Online

FlameStudios is back online. After losing the domain name I now have it back and have copied the last back up to the web space so all should be back to the way it was. The domain is now provided for me by the same company that provides the space, so hopefully no more problems. I am hoping to add more to the site when I get time.

4th April 2009

New Website Design

I have made a new website design with a pale background to make it easier to read.

1st February 2009

Added More Giga Samples and Sound Fonts

I have now added some more soundfonts and gigasamples mainly consisting of electric guitars, but also a percussion set and a Yamaha electric bass. The electric guitars are an American Fender Telecaster, a Japanese Fender Jaguar and an American Gibson Les Paul. Some of the samples have been recorded through a Fender Bassman '59 reissue valve amplifier and others have been recorded direct in (ready to be used with amp simulators etc). The giga samples have more presets and samples than the soundfonts. This is because some of the presets were not possible with the soundfont format, but the main sounds are in both formats. LinuxSampler can play gigasamples and is free. On Windows the output of LinuxSampler can be mixed down in asio applications using Jack on Windows which is an audio connection kit for connecting applications and is well worth getting. There is also a vst version. Check out the LinuxSampler for windows page.

12th October 2008

Added Renderman Shaders

I have at last added some renderman shaders and a 2d to 3d mapping function to the renderman shaders page. There is a description of them and how to use them on the page and at the top of the shaders code. I have included a rib file of a Fender Bassman amplifier that I modelled in ayam to test them with. They are my first shaders so any improvements are welcome as is any advice but I also hope you find them useful in some way or other.

17th September 2008

Soundfonts now up!

I have now converted the gigasamples to soundfont format and they are available to download on the soundfonts page. They have not got all of the same presets as the giga samples as some things are not possible in the sound font format that are in the giga format but they have got all of the main dry presets. Remember, you can use LinuxSampler to play gig files if you would rather use those and it is free and works on windows aswell as linux.

1st September 2008

FlameStudios gets a new web host!

There was a problem downloading the giga samples that was caused by my web host restarting the server periodically and so cutting downloads off at the same time. It is for this reason that I now have a new web host. Everything is uploaded and running fine now which means I can concentrate on making the soundfonts, as I was before the problems. There is also a mirror for the giga samples now. There should be no more download problems. So go and grab those free giga samples.

17th August 2008

FlameStudios goes online atlast!

It has taken a while to get up and running but after plodding on slowly the site is now up and I already have some free giga samples and an impulse response file from my Fender Reverb unit for you to download. Also I have a couple of bash scripts to help ease audio jobs on the other stuff page. One for help and tips with sampling jobs on multiple files and another for wav to mp3 mixdown after it has left the sequencer (or whatever).

I have not finished the soundfonts yet (they will be coming soon), I only have gigasamples to offer at the moment. These are audio samples for use with the samplers gigastudio or linuxsampler, the latter of which is free and runs on linux and also windows (so there are no excuses for not trying them). I have made these at home so there are the odd background noise on some of the samples (sensitive mic, noisy neighbourhood). They have been created with good equipment on gentoo linux (pro-audio overlay). I have an m-audio delta44 with an omni and an se2200a mic.

The FlameStudios Collection is my collection of samples that I am making and they are free and licensed under the GNU GPL license. To find out what instruments are in the FlameStudios Collection visit the gigasamples page now. I am planning on creating the soundfonts from the same audio samples for people with access to sound fonts (i.e. soundblaster, sfz or FluidSynth). Although soundfonts are not usually as good as gigasamples they are handy sometimes and also the only choice or option for some people, but giga is the main format I am concentrating on.

I am also planning on adding some of my shaders that I have made for renderman. 3D-modelling and rendering is a new thing to me so don't expect much. I also use only free software for it at the moment. I will upload the stuff I do that I think is worthwhile and any tips that I pick up along the way. Apart from that this site is going to be a place where I can share my experiences with multimedia and computers in general and share the answers to any problems that I overcome. You can contact me with any advice or questions about anything on the site by visiting the contact page.