Audio & Visual Computing

Useful Links

This is a page of useful links and links of things talked about on this site and generally an acknowledgement of some of the good things on the web. Everytime I remember anything useful or mention any sites I will add it to this list so that all the links can be seen in one place for any visitors to use.

Effects & Software (all free) Used In Demo Tunes of Soundfonts & Gigasamples

VSTHost used to play vst plugins as standalone. This also enabled me to use vst fx on 64bit Linux with the use of wine, wineasio and jackbridge. Here is a useful page on some of the set up of this.

Hydrogen drum machine used for all the drums on the demos. It has some good sounding kits available and is easy to use.

Helian 1st and 2nd Bass Amp Simulator (VST plugin) was used for a couple of the demos to put the direct bass samples through. They are no longer on the site but there is some other good stuff on there. I was cheeky enough to email him with an adress I got from the 'FreeAmp3 readme' and ask if he still had them and he was kind enough to mail them to me.

Freeverb Impulser (VST plugin) used to play impulse response files. i.e. speaker cabinets.

Voxengo Boogex (VST plugin) is a good amp simulator with different speaker impulses available to choose from and the ability to load other speaker cabinet impulses.

TS' Secret (VST plugin) is a tube screamer overdrive. It was used on demo 3 to dirty the lead guitar that was then put through a clean sounding Fender Deluxe Line 6 Pod impulse response (see Freeverb Impulser above), giving an overdriven Fender Deluxe sound (that was the idea anyway). There are alot of other plugins on the site also.

Nick Crow Wagner Mk2 Sharp amp simulator (VST plugin). Good for higher gain parts. This was used on the rhythm guitar on demo 3 and routed through an orange custom 4X12 speaker cabinet impulse (see Freeverb Impulser above).

CAPS Audio Plugin Suite (LADSPA plugins). There are some good amp and cabinet simulators in this plugin suite. On demo 6 the guitar picking part uses the C* AmpV-Tube Amp and C* Cabinet II loudspeaker cabinet emulation and the rhythm guitar part uses the C* Amp VTS-Tube Amp + Tone Stack and C* I loudspeaker cabinet emulation.

QSampler is a gui for LinuxSampler which I used for playing the giga sample files.

Qsynth is a gui for FluidSynth which I used for playing the soundfont files.

Audio Links

LMMS is an open source digital audio workstation. FlameStudios has given the LMMS project special permission to redistribute the FlameStudios soundfonts under the Creative Commons 1.0 Universal License. This very useful collection of soundfonts is available on github here.

Hedsound has created some slimmed down and neatened soundfonts from the flamestudios collection.

FreePats project has a free sound bank of which includes some modified FlameStudios soundfonts with a slightly different license, the FreePats GPL special exception.

Bigcat Instruments has converted flamestudios samples to Kontakt format. This is a popular format. Glad to see people making use of the samples for other platforms.

The Kronos Blog has converted flamestudios samples to run on the Korg Kronos Workstation. From what I read it was quite hard to convert them.

An SFZ version of FS Kay 5 String Banjo. I have not tested it but it looks like it is a good conversion. For some reason it says it 'was converted from the original GigaSampler version by S. Christian Collins'. It definitely wasn't created originally by S. Christian Collins. It was me.

Flamestudios samples converted to SFZ can be found on the forum at KVR. I haven't tried them. There is also another page here.

LinuxSampler for a very good sampler that plays .gig files and also runs on both Linux and Windows. Check out the LinuxSampler for windows page for windows and vst version. It is free.

Jack Audio Connection Kit for the best audio and midi routing system on Linux and now on Windows also. This makes it possible to hook up loads of different audio programs really easily. It is also free.

Jack Snapshot is an easy way to save and restore connections on the Jack Audio Connection Kit. Although there is the patchbay to do this I find Jack Snapshot more useful as you can save the snapshots in the same folder as the rest of your music. You can incorporate it into scripts to automate the starting up and connecting your audio programs for your tunes.

Sox - Sound Exchange for really useful audio software that can be run from the cammand line or used in bash scripts. This makes it very useful for monotonous audio tasks. See some script examples here and here

Lame Mp3 Encoder is a good quality open source encoder that is supported on loads of platforms.

SSRC for a good dithering and normalizing audio program that is free and can be used from the command line. Also some other programs on this site that may be good. Still yet to try.

SF2Comp is a very handy soundfont utility to decompile and compile soundfonts. This is handy for being able to edit the soundfonts from a text file making it easy to do multiple jobs. Also, you can easily replace all the samples in a file or edit the ones that are with it and then compile it back to a soundfont. This saved me lots of time whilst making the soundfonts.

3D-Modelling & Rendering Links

Ayam for excellent 3d nurbs modelling software that has great renderman support and is also free.

Blender is an excellent modelling and rendering software. It also does video editing, text overlays on videos and lots more. It is also free. There are plenty of python scripts around to add to the functionality also.

Image Creation and Editing Links

Gimp is an excellent image manipulation program that I have used a lot for helping with images on the site.

Inkscape is an excellent vector graphics (svg) program that I used to create the banner image on the site.

Darktable is an excellent raw image editor. It can also be used on images that are not in raw format. It has some a good workflow and good masking features.